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forecast sự dự báo,dự đoán

Bài 1:

And now the weather forecast by BBC's Rob McElnee. Rob.
Here's the weather forecast for the next twenty-four hours for the whole of England, Wales, and Scotland. Well, in South England and Midlands it'll be mainly cloudy with showers or longer spells of rain, and there will be quite a cold wind coming from the west creating temperatures around 3-5 degrees celsius. I don't think you'll see much of the sun: cloudy all day with showers, I'm afraid.
And in Wales and Northern Ireland, there will be a mixture of sunny spells in the morning and in the afternoon there will be quite a strong northeastty wind causing the temperature to be lower than yesterday,  around 2-4 degrees.  You can expect some rain in the evening.
The east coast of England will see the best of today's weather. It will be warmer than yesterday, no winds, and sunshine, so quite warm for the time of the week.
In Scotland and Northern Ireland, however, there'll be heavy rain and snow over the highest ground- The temperature will drop to below freezing,    -3 or -5 and on the highest spots -10. It will be very cold and very windy everywhere with gales in places and severe gales in parts of the north.  Again very cold below freezing and very windy. And that's all from me.