Thăm viện bảo tàng

Bài 1:

In this lesson we will discuss a visit to the museum.

Planning a Visit to the Museum

Duke: Vella. Why don’t you take Vincent somewhere this Sunday?

Vella: Hmm...Should I take him to my mom’s?

Duke: Vella...Did you forget? He went to grandma’s just last week!

Vella: Oh! Sorry...My mistake...I’ll take him to the Smithsonian Institution.

Duke: Now that’s like a real mom!

Vella: Yeah! I think he will love it. It will be very educational for him!

Duke: It will sure be. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be an archaeologist like you though.

Vella: Hey! What’s wrong with archaeology?

Duke: It’s very nice! But they are obsessed with old junk!

Vella: Now that’s very mean, Duke!

Getting the Entry Tickets

Vella: Two tickets, please.

Frank: Oh, I see your boy there. Two tickets for you and him?

Vella: That’s right.

Frank: How old is he?

Vella: He’s 8 years old.

Frank: Then you’ll need only one ticket, for you.

Vella: Oh! What a nice surprise!

Frank: Here’s your ticket.

Vella: Thank you.

Talking to a Museum Guide

Vella: Excuse me. May I know which way is the art gallery?

Cindy: Sure Ma’am. It’s on the third floor.

Vella: This museum is large! It’s difficult to find everything.

Cindy: Please check the floor plan near the stairs at every entrance.

Vella: Oh thank you! I will keep a watch out for those.

Cindy: Do you have the booklet guide to the museum?

Vella: Sorry! I actually forgot to take that.

Cindy: That’s fine. Here’s one for you.

Vella: Thank you! Hope I don’t get lost again!

Talking About the Visit

Duke: So how did you like the museum visit?

Vella: It was fantastic! David was very interested in pre-historical things.

Duke: All kids are! I am sure he loved looking at the dinosaur bones.

Vella: Yes! And the tools made by the cavemen. He loved them.

Duke: What else did you see?

Vella: Lots of things. I enjoyed seeing the costumes and exhibits from hundreds of years ago.

Duke: Yes, museums give us a glimpse into the past.

Vella: I hope next time you can come with us, Duke.