Section 1

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
buckle khóa (thắt lưng,cặp..)
plated bọc,mạ
distinguish phân biệt,nhận ra
badge dấu hiệu,huy hiệu
scratch vết xước
frustrating làm nản lòng,gây bực dọc
wallet cặp đựng tài liệu
Thành ngữ - Ngữ pháp

Lost property

never mind

make it stand out

brand name

getting crowed


Bài 1:

Section 1: Question 1 - 10:
Câu 1 :

What does her briefcase look like?



  • A
  • B
  • 1
  • D
Câu 2 :

Which picture shows the distinguishing features?




  • A
  • B
  • 1
  • D
Câu 3 :

What did she have inside her briefcase?


  • wallet, pens and novel
  • papers and wallet
  • pens and novel
  • paper,pen and novel
Câu 4 :

Where was she stading when she lost her briefcase?


Câu 5 :

Name: Marry...

  • 1.


Câu 6 :

Adress: Flat 2..... ......Road Canterbury

  • 1.


  • 2.


R = Rececptionist
W = Woman
P = Police Officer


R: Good evening, City Police Station. Can I help you?


W: Oh hello, I’d like to report a stolen briefcase, please. Example


R: Just a minute and I’ll put you through.


P: Lost property. Can I help you?


W: Oh, yes. I’ve had my briefcase stolen.


P: OK … I’ll take some details … Tell me what it looks like, first of all.


W: Well … it’s a soft leather one, you know, not a heavy box-type like a man’s.


P: Mmm … and how does it close?


W: It’s got buckles at the front ... two of them They’re gold-plated ones.


P: Fine … Was it locked?


W: No, I’m afraid not.


P: Never mind. Any distinguishing features?


W: Pardon?


P: Any marks or badges on it that make it stand out?


W: Only the brand name.


P: And where’s that?


W: It’s on the back … at the bottom in the left-hand corner. It’s Sagi. Oh and there’s a scratch … it’s quite bad but small … directly above the brand name. I did it recently putting it on my bike.


P: Right, got that. So, what did you have inside the briefcase?


W: Well all my papers from college. It’s so frustrating but, thank goodness for computers, I haven’t lost them completely!


P: Yes, you’re lucky.


W: I had my wallet in my pocket so I didn’t lose that but there were also my pens which I got for my birthday and a novel I was planning to read on the train.


P: Right. Where exactly did you lose the briefcase?


W: Well … I couldn’t believe it. I was standing on the platform … it was right next to me.


P: You were holding it?


W: I’d just put it down on the floor but I could almost feel it beside me. I was watching for my tram because sometimes it comes early and then next time I looked, my briefcase wasn’t there.


P: And what time was this?


W: Ah … it was … it must have been about 5.20 … no a bit later. I’d say 5.30 because it was just getting crowded and the train normally comes at about twenty-five to six.


Bài 2:

P: Right, if you’ll just give me some personal details ...
W: Yes.
P: What name is it?
W: I’m Mary Prescott.
P: Can you spell that?
W: Yes, it’s P-R E-S-C-O-T-T.
P: And your address?
W: Flat 2, 41,Fountain Road, Canterbury.
P: Fountain Road.
W: Yes, number 41.
P: And have you got a contact telephone number?
W: Yes, it’s 7-5 double 2-3-9.
P: 7-5-double 239. Fine. One last question — what would you say the value of your briefcase is?
W: Including the contents?
P: Yes, Just a rough estimate is fine.
W: I’m not sure. Well, the briefcase itself is quite new; I bought it last month for
£40. I suppose about £65. The contents are worth about 20 or 25 pounds at least.
P: That’s fine. Well, if you could come down to the station tomorrow, you can
sign this form and have a look at what we’ve got here.
W: OK, thanks. 'Bye.
P: Goodbye.