Modernization through industrialisation

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
modernization hiện đại hóa,sự đổi mới
industrialisation công nghiệp hóa
strategy chiến lược
delta châu thổ

Hai Duong province, in the middle of the northern delta of Vietnam, is embarking on a very ambitious plan to transform agricultural economy to a modern one which “balances the agricultural, industrial6 and handicraft and service sectors”, after six months of investigation and preparation.
The new economic sectoral hierarchy aimed at by the year 2000 is: agriculture 40% (of GDP); industry – handicraft1sector and the service sector contributing 30% each. Agricultural production it selfs is to be readjusted: food crops will account for 43% instead of the earlies 55% of total agricultural production, while husbandry (32%) and vegetables and industrial crops (25%) will make up the rest-In land use terms, this means 14,000 ha of the 114,000 hectares of paddy grown will be given over to fruit trees and industrial plants, with the 10% of land area is expected to produce VND 50 million/ha/annual towards export. Overall an annual growth rate of 10% is to be achieved^1 by the agricultural sector by the year 2000.
Increasing mechanisation is an important part of this development and the aim is to mechanise 100% of rice irrigation and processing, 60% of transportation and 40% of earth work.
The provincial authorities are planning to build and upgrade the infrastructure towards urbanising many parts of Hai Duong. These designated areas are to provide facilities and services for the development of agriculture in rural areas. Though primarily agricultural, the province has industrial factories and facilities like a cement company that is expanding production to reach an annual output of 2 million tonnes in the near future and a thermal power station that is to supply the entire province with power. Plans also are on to install automatic telephone exchanges in all of its villages, build  more schools and health centres in a continuous effort towards raising the living standards of the people.
Hai Duong is representative of provinces in the Red River delta in the coming years and it is a most point that with problems of overpopulation and with small farming unit areas that are features of such provinces.