Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
consider xem như, coi như
situated ở,nằm
inland vùng nội địa
urbanise đô thị hóa
innovation sự đổi mới
revolution cuộc cách mạng
major lớn,trọng đại,chủ yếu
unfortunately không may,một cách đáng tiếc
rapid nhanh chóng,mau lẹ
industrialisation sự công nghiệp hóa
prosperity sự giàu có,thành công,phát đạt
overseas nước ngoài,hải ngoại
eventually cuối cùng
decline tụt dốc,suy giảm

Bài 1:

Listen to the following sentences, pausing your machine after each sentence to write down the essential details of what you have heard:
a. Manchester, one of the most important cities in England, is considered by some the northern capital.
b. Situated in the northwest, 39 miles inland, Manchester is the third largest urbanised area in England.
c. Technological  innovation during the Industrial Revolution enabled the city to become the world's major cotton-milling centre in the 19th century.
d. Unfortunately, this rapid industrialisation brought prosperity only to the owners of the many factories.
e. The rise of Communism overseas was, in part, a reaction against the exploitation of workers in Manchester.
f. Eventually, the city declined in importance, but cotton goods are still known worldwide as manchester goods.
g. Liverpool, now the sixth largest city in England, was the second major city of the British Empire,

h. The Liverpool docks were once the site of the busiest shipbuilding activity in the world.
i. Both cities boast impressive museums documenting the good and bad uses of industrial technology,
j. Manchester and Liverpool are these days thriving centres of activity and club entertainment for youth.