Form filling 5

Bài 1:

A; Good morning.   May I help you?
B:  Yes.  I'm looking for a flat.  I'd like one with two bedrooms.
A:   All right.  Have a seat, please. Lei me ask you a few questions.  First of all, may I have your number,please.
B;  My name's Perry Pratley.
A; How do you spell your last name, Mr.Pratley?
B: It's P-R-A-T-L-E-Y.
A:  P-R-A-T-L-E-Y.  First name; Perry.  And what's your present address, Mr.Pratley?
B; Ifs 14 Twyford Avenue.
A; How do you spell Twyford?
B: T-W-Y-F-O-R-D.
A; Twyford.   That's in West Ealing, isn't it?
B: Yes, it is.
A; Do you have a phone number?
B: Yes. If s 5638995.
A; 5638995. And could you tell me your occupation,  please?
B;  Fm a clerk.
A;   I see.  And the name of your employer?
B:  I work for Barclays Bank in West Ealing.
A:   Barclays Bank, fine.  And you're looking for a two bedroom flat.
B: That's right.
A; Could you wait just a minute, please? I'll take a look in our files.