Form filling 3

Bài 1:

Conversation 1
Mary:   4217845
Peter:  Helto.   May I speak to Mary?
Mary:    Speaking.
Peter :   Mary, Freda and I were wondering if you and David would like to have a night out with us sometime.
Mary:   All right, we'd like that very much. What did you have in mind?
Peter: Well, perhaps we could go and see a film, and then have something to eat  afterwards.
Mary: That would be great.  When?
Peter; We were thinking of Friday.
Mary; That should be OK. I'll have to check with David, but I don't think we are doing anything.
Peter; All right.    Perhaps you could let me know tomorrow?
Mary; OK. Or I'll phone later. See you then! And thanks for the invitation.

Conversation 2
Peter; Hello, 2045789.
Mary: Hello, Peter?
Peter; Yes.  Is that Mary?
Mary: Yes.  How are you?
Peter; Fine.   Have you spoken to David?
Mary:   Yes.  I'm afraid we're busy on Friday.   We're going to a party, apparently.   What are you doing on Saturday?

Peter:    Freda's parents are coming over.

Mary: Oh , that's a pity. Some other time then.

Peter; Yes. See you tomorrow then.

Mary : Yes, see you.