Form filling 2

Bài 1:

A;  Good morning.  I'm Peter Smith from Indian.
B; Good morning. My name is Li Ying from China. A: Ah, have you registered for the courses yet? B; Yes, I have. A: Good. So, what subject did you put first?
B; Computer Science.
A: I see.   And what subject did you put last then?
B: Oh. Aria.
A: That's interesting. Could you give any reasons for your choice? I mean why did you put
Computer first, for example?

B:   Well, now in my country, computers are very popular and it will be easier to find a job after graduation and also computer-related jobs are well paid. I suppose that makes a difference.   Besides, information technology does have a very big effect on our lives,   doesn't it?

A:  Yes, I agree.   It allows us to store very large amounts of information, transmit a lot of information quickly and process a lot of information as soon as we receive it.

B:   Yes.  With developments in information technology we can use computers in so many different ways,  such as sending messages directly and receiving TV programmes from one country to another and processing all kinds of information.

A:   Yes, it is more commonly used in my country too.  And why did you put Arts last ?

B:   Oh, yes, that's simple.   I've nothing against Arts.   It's quite interesting and creative but I really don't have talent in that area.   So I put it last.

A:   I see. What about the other subjects? What order did you put those in?

B:    Medicine second, Dentistry third and Engineering fourth.