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Bài 1:

In this lesson, we are going to learn what to say when you are going on a hiking trip.

Joining a hiking trip

Caroline : Hey David! I am going hiking at the state park this weekend. Do you want to join me?

David : I love hiking. How long is the trail?

Caroline : It’s about 3 miles long.

David : I may come. I have to buy new hiking shoes.

Caroline : You better have good shoes. It's a tough hike.

David : It'll be great! I like tough hikes!

Hiking and fitness

Steve : How do you stay in shape?

Caroline : I go hiking regularly.

Steve : Really? How does that help you stay fit?

Caroline : It keeps my legs in shape from climbing and my heart healthy from long walking.

Steve : I should try that out. Can I come with you next time?

Caroline : I've got a trip planned next week. You can come if you want.

Steve : I'd love to join you.

Buying hiking supplies

Steve : How may I help you?

David : I am going on a hiking trip next month and want to buy supplies.

Steve : Do you have any supplies at all or need everything?

David : I have hiking boots, ropes and some basic camping supplies.

Steve : That’s a good start. You may want to also buy some maps, a compass, thick socks and a harness.

David : Thank you for your help. I want to buy all of those items.

After the hike

David : Wow! That was a tough hike.

Caroline : Yes, it took us over 7 hours.

David : But we made it without any injuries or problems.

Caroline : Yes, it was a great hike.

David : And I didn't lose any of our equipment.

Caroline : You were really careful on this trip David.