Section 3

Bài 1:

M = male student
F = female lecturer


M: Hello can I come in?
F: Oh yes, come in. How can I help you?
M: I was looking for the Economics office. I’ve been all over the Arts Faculty building looking for it but I could only find the School of Accounting and Economic History. Is this the right place?
F: Yes this is the School of Economics.
M: Oh good. Um, I’m a new student and I was wondering if someone could give
me some information.
F: Well I might be able to help. I lecture on that program. What do you need to
M: Quite a few things, actually. Firstly, how many lectures a week do I have to
F: Ah, well, the Economics I course is a double unit so there are two lectures a
week and one tutorial. The lectures are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.
M: What time?
F: Let me see … You know this information is all in the handout which you                
should have received yesterday at the orientation meeting.
M: Oh, was there a meeting yesterday? I didn’t know about that … no one mentioned …
F: Yes, there was, but never mind. Now lectures are at four in the afternoon.
M: Four’s a bit late. I’ve got a part time job that starts at four thirty.
F: Well, you can’t be in two places at once, can you, and attendance at lectures        
is necessary. We expect at least 90% attendance at this university you know.
M: 90%! That’s high. Do they enforce that rule?
F: Yes, we do. We’re pretty strict about it actually.
M: And what times have been set down for the tutorials — do you have that
F: That’s a very well attended course so there’s a number of tutorial times.

Monday,Wednesday and Friday,all at 9 o’clock. Yours will be allocated at                    
the first lecture.
M: Can’t I choose the time?
F: Maybe, maybe not.. You’ll have to talk to the lecturer on the course.                        
Dr. Roberts is his name.
M: Oh, OK.


M = Nam sinh viên
F =  Nữ giảng viên


M : Xin chào, tôi có thể vào ?
F : Oh yes,vào đi. Tôi có thể giúp gì cho bạn ?
M : Tôi đang tìm kiếm các văn phòng trường Kinh tế . Tôi đã tìm ở cả tòa nhà khoa nghệ thuật, nhưng tôi chỉ có thể tìm thấy các khoa Kế toán và Lịch sử kinh tế . Đây có phải chỗ tôi cần tìm không?

F : Đúng rồi,đây là Trường Kinh tế.
M : Oh,may quá . Um, tôi là một sinh viên mới và tôi đã tự hỏi nếu ai đó có thể cung cấp cho tôi một số thông tin.
F : Vâng, tôi có thể giúp. Tôi thuyết trình về chương trình đó. Bạn cần biết những gì?
M : Một vài vấn đề.

Bài 2:

F: Anything else I can help you with while you’re here?
M: Well, yes, actually. Do you know what the course requirements are? I mean,
how much work is expected for this course?
F: Well, you have to complete a tutorial paper.
M: What does that involve?
F: Well, it’s a piece of work on a given topic based on some set reading texts.
You’ll have to give a small talk to your tutorial group ...                                                 
M: How long does that have to be?
F: Oh, about 25 minutes usually.
M: I have to talk for 25 minutes?
F: Yes, that’s right. And then you have to write up your piece of work and give            
it to the lecturer to be marked.
M: Right. And is that all?
F: No. You also have to complete a 3,000 word essay on a topic.
M: Can I choose the topic?
F: Yes,usually you can.
M: Right. That shouldn’t be too bad.
F: And in addition to that there is an exam.
M: An exam! What sort of exam?
F: Well, it’s an open book exam.                                                                                   
M: Does that mean I can have the text book with me during the exam?
F: Yes, that’s right.
M: And can you give me any idea about the content of the first year of
Economics so that I can get into some reading?
F: Well, you’ll be getting the reading list next week when lectures start. All the
books are in the library.
M: Yes, but won’t everyone else take them out as soon as they get the reading
list too?
F: Well, yes, they might. But most of the important ones are held in Closed               
Reserve ... that’s a part of the library where you can go to read books but
you can’t take them out of the building.
M: What did you call that section of the library?
F: Closed Reserve. However, we do recommend that you buythe core books.
You’ll find them useful and you’ll need them for the exam.
M: Yes, I suppose I will. But what is the focus of the course?
F: Well, the course at this university has a vocational focus, that is a focus on            
preparing its graduates for work, so we’re orientated very much towards
M: So my chances of getting a job are good?
F: Well, provided you get good results.
M: Well look thanks for your time. You’ve been really helpful

F: That’s fine. See you next week then