Bài 6: Monday morning

Bài 1:

David    What's the matter?
Sue       Oh, I don'tknow.
David    Oh, come on . .. it's something. What is it?
Sue       It's just life... it's so boring.
David    Oh, it's not so bad ... you've got Daniel!
Sue       But he's only a baby! It's all right for you. You'll leave the house in five minutes. I'll be here all day. When'll you come home? You won't come home till seven!
David    One of us must go to work, dear.
Sue       Yes, but your day'Il be interesting. My day'Il be the same as every day.
David     My work isn't always interesting.
Sue         I know, but you travel around, you meet different people and you do different things. Who'll I meet today? What'll I do? Eh? I'll wash up, feed the baby, do the washing, clean the house, bath the baby, take the dog for a walk....
David     But... but... dear.
Sue        Then I'll go to the supermarket, prepare dinner, meet you at the station, have dinner, wash up again ...
David      But... but... dear.
Sue        Then I'll feed the baby again, put the baby to bed ... What a life! Today, tomorrow, this week, next week, this month, next month, next year... for ever!
David      It's just Monday, dear... you'll be O.K. later.
Sue        Will i?