Bài 4: Olympic report

Bài 1:

Good evening. It's 11.15 .... and it's time for "Olympic report". Our report tonight is coming live by satellite from Olympic Games.

Good evening. Well, today's most important event was certainly the women's 200 metres freestyle. The American, Doris Kennedy, was first and got the gold medal. She swam the 200 metres in a new world record time of 1 minute 58 seconds. The U.S.A. won two gold medals yesterday, and three the day before, so in the first three days they've won six 'golds'.
This is Jack Lumber from Canada. This morning he won the men's javelin final. At his first attempt he threw the javelin over 100 metres. Nobody has ever done this before. Unfortunately there was nearly a terrible accident in the javelin event. Henry Fraser, the British competitor, slipped when he was throwing his javelin and it hit a judge in the foot. Luckily, it didn't hurt him.

Here we are in the Olympic Gymnasium. Olga Ivanov, the fifteen year old Russian gymnast, has just finished her display. We're waiting for the results now.

And here's the result! She's got an average of 9.5 points. That's the best score today! Olga's won the gold medal!

High jump
We're just waiting for the last jumper. Ted Kelly, from Britain, is going to jump. The bar is at 2.30 metres.
Now he's beginning his final attempt. . .
And he's jumped.
Ooh! He's crashed into the bar!
He's landing. The bar's fallen. Is he hurt?
No, no, he's all right. He's getting up and walking away. But he's a very disappointed man.