Bài 30: The best boy of British football

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
training session buổi tập
argument sự tranh cãi
reporter phóng viên
selfish ích kỷ
recently gần đây,mới đây

học tiếng anh qua streamline

Bài 1:

Stanley Walsh, the Eastfield United football star, is in the news again. Yesterday he didn't arrive for a training session. Last night, Brian Huff, Eastfield's manager, was very angry. Stanley has had a lot of arguments with Huff. Huff spoke to our reporter last night.
R    Where is Stanley, Mr Huff?
H    We don't know.
R    When did you last see him?
H    We spoke to each other five days ago. I haven't seen him since then.
R   How angry are you?
H    Very. This is the end. Stanley Walsh won't play for us again.
R    But Stanley's the best player in England, isn't he? Did he give a reason?
H    No, he didn't.
R    Has Stanley got any personal problems, Mr Huff?
H    I don't know... but he's a very selfish man. He only thinks about himself.
Our speaker later spoke Mrs Lucy Walsh in her 50,000$.
R    Where is Stanley, Mrs Walsh?
L    I don't know and I don't care.
R    When did you last see him?
L    We haven't seen each other for two weeks.
R    Have you spoken to each other... or written to each other recently?
L    No. We never want to see each other again.
R    But why, Mrs Walsh?
L    Ask Stanley!
Our reporter found Stanley at his villa in Spain. He was with Inger Carlson, the Swedish actress. He seemed very happy.
R    How long have you known each other, Stanley?
S    We met each other in a disco three weeks ago. It was love at first sight.
R   But what about your football?
S    Oh, football can wait. Inger's the most important thing in my life. We love each other very much and we understand each other.
R    And your wife, Stanley? What about your wife?
S    Oh, that finished a long time ago.
R    What happened?
S    Well, I was in love with Lucy fora long time. We taught each other a lot, but...
R    But what?
S    Well, we started to hate each other. We couldn't even look at each other.
R    So, what are you going to do next?
S    I don't know.... Ask Inger!