Bài 23: What is on television tonight?

Bài 1:

John    Hello, darling. . . . I'm home!

Anne    Hello, John. Are you tired, dear?

John    Yes, I am. What time is it?

Anne    It's six o'clock.

John    Oh ... What's on television tonight?

Anne    There's a good programme at quarter past eight. . . Taul McCartney In Concert7.

John     Yes . . . and there's a good film after the news.

Anne    Ooh. . . and 'Mary in Love' at quarter to seven before Tolice Story'.

John     Oh, I can't watch that! There's a football match on ITV at half past six.

Anne     But, John, it's my favourite programme!

John    Well, go and watch it at your mother's!