Bài 3: Fizz is fantastic

Bài 1:

Ian Peters:  Let's meet Mrs Edna Campbell from Glasgow. This is her kitchen,and on the table there are two piles of dirty clothes. Mrs Campbell's got three young children and she has to do a lot of washing. Now, we've got two identical  'British Electric' automatic washing machines in the kitchen. Mrs Campbell's going to wash this pile of clothes in new 'Fizz' detergent, and that pile in another well-known washing powder.
Now both machines are working, and Mrs Campbell's making us a cup of tea!
Ian        Ah. both machines have stopped,and she's taken the clothes out of them. Well, Mrs Campbell! What do you think? 
Mrs C   Well, I've washed these clothes in 'Fizz' and those clothes in the other powder. 
Ian        Can you see any difference? 
Mrs C    Ah,yes!These clothes are much cleaner. And they're whiter and softer than the others. 
Ian        These clothes? You washed these clothes in new 'Fizz'! 
Mrs C    That's right... oh, it's much better than my usual powder. My clothes have never been cleaner than this! 
Ian         Well... which powder are you going to buy next time? 
Mrs C    New 'Fizz', of course. It's the best powder I've ever used!