Bài 29: Dinner with friends

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
delicious ngon
salad món sa-lát
serve phục vụ, cung cấp,lấy(đồ ăn)
pour rót
brandy rượu mạnh
washing-up rửa bát

Bài 1:

Ken    Hello!
Rob    Hello, Ken ... Hello, Barbara. Come in. Shall I take your coats?
Ken    Oh, thank you very much. What a lovely house!
Rob    I'm glad you like it. Dinner's nearly ready.
Ken    Where's Anna?
 Rob   Oh, she's in the kitchen. She'll be here in a minute. Just go into the dining-room. How about a drink before dinner?
Ken         That's a nice idea!
Anna        Here we are ... dinner's ready.Sit down everybody!
Barbara   Thank you very much, Anna. Everything looks wonderful, and it smells delicious, too.
Anna          I'll put the salad in the middle of the table. Shall I serve you?
Barbara     No, it's all right. We can help ourselves.
Anna          Rob, could you pour the wine, please? Ken, help yourself to vegetables, too.
Rob           Would you like some more brandy, Barbara?
Barbara     Oh, no thanks ... no more for me. I'm driving tonight.
Rob            Oh, come on ... just a small one.
Barbara      No, really ... I mustn't. I'll help Anna with the washing-up.
Rob            The washing-up! No, no, don't worry. We always leave that until the morning.
Rob            Here are your coats.
Ken            Thanks... it's been a marvellous evening. It was very kind of you to invite us.
Rob             Don't mention it... it was nice to see you again.
Ken             Well, we enjoyed ourselves very much.
Rob             I'm glad ... you must come again.
Ken             Goodnight... and thanks again.
Rob             Goodnight... and drive carefully. It's a very wet night.