Bài 27: Choosing a pet

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
pet con vật nuôi
suggest đề nghị
traditional truyền thống
unusual không bình thường
crocodile cá sấu
Alsatian chó béc giê Đức
savage tàn ác,hoang dại

Bài 1:

Shop Assistant    Good afternoon,madam. Can I help you?

Customer          Yes. I'm looking for a pet for my son. Can you suggest anything? Assistant          What kind of pet does he want? A traditional pet... a cat... or
a dog? Or something unusual?

Customer       Well, he'd like a snake or a crocodile, but he isn't going to get one. Assistant       We've got a nice Alsatian dog at the moment.

Customer           An Alsatian? Did you say 'an Alsatian'? Oh no, I've read about
them in the paper. They're very big and savage.

Assistant         Oh, no, madam. They aren't as savage as some dogs.

Customer         Really?

Assistant        Oh, yes. Last week we had a small dog. It was only as big as your
handbag, but it was as savage as a tiger... it bit me three times!

Customer      Perhaps not a dog, then.
Assistant       How about a cat?
Customer        A cat? Hmm ... they aren't as friendly as dogs, are they?

Assistant         No, but they don't eat as much as dogs either. And they're very clean.They wash themselves every day.

Customer        Hmm...

Assistant        Or how about a bird? A parrot or a budgie? We've got both.

Customer        Which do you recommend?

Assistant        Well, budgies aren't as easy to train and they never speak as well as

Customer       Yes, but budgies don't need as much space as parrots, do they? Assistant         That's true. Budgies are very popular because they're so easy to

Customer       Yes .. . but they're a bit noisy,aren't they? I want a quiet pet.

Assistant       A quiet pet? Well, how about a goldfish? There's nothing as quiet