Bài 26: I’ve cut myself

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
sharp sắc,nhọn
scratch vết trầy,xước
bleed chảy máu
bandage băng (để băng vết thương )

Bài 1:

A    Ow! This knife's sharp! I've cut myself.

B     Let me see it., .oh, it's O.K. You haven't cut yourself badly. . .it's only
a scratch.

A   But my finger's bleeding!

B    Don't be a baby! It isn't bleeding much. I'll get a bandage.


C    Did you see the play on television last night?

D    No, I didn't. What was it?

C  Romeo and Juliet. I cried.

D    Cried?Why?

C    Well, it was very sad. At the end,Romeo killed himself and then Juliet
killed herself.

D    It sounds silly tome! Why did they kill themselves?

C  ... for love!

D    Oh! They were silly, weren't they?

E   Now, my guests tonight are the two rock musicians, Dean and Darren Osborne.
F    Hello

E    Now,you both play guitar very well. Did anyone teach you?

F    No, we just bought some guitars and we taught ourself

E   I see


G    Sorry, I'm late...
H    Oh, that's all right, Mrs Green.
G    It was our first wedding anniversary yesterday.

H    Oh, congratulations!

G    Thank you. We went to that new restaurant in the High Street.

H     Did you enjoy yourselves?

G    Oh,yes, we had a very good time. We had two bottles of champagne!


I    Have you seen my new electric cooker?

J    No, I haven't.

I    Oh, it's wonderful. It's got an automatic timer. It can switch itself on
and off.