Bài 24: In prison

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
prison nhà tù
mother-in-law mẹ chồng, mẹ vợ
wash up rửa bát
rob cướp
Thành ngữ - Ngữ pháp

 You’re joking !! : Bạn đùa đấy à !


Bài 1:

Tom         Well ...Tomorrow we're going to leave this place!
Fred        Yes. What are you going to do first?
Tom         Hmm. . . first, I'm going to rent a big car, meet my girlfriend and take her to an expensive restaurant. We're going to have steak and drink champagne. What about you, Fred?
Fred          My wife's going to meet me outside the prison. Then we're going to have tea with her mother.
Tom           With her mother! You're joking!
Fred           No, I'm not. I'm going to work for my wife's mother.
Tom           Really? You're not going to work for your mother-in-law!
Fred          Yes. She's got a little café in London.
Tom          What are you going to do there?
Fred          I'm going to wash up.
Tom          What! Wash up! I'm not going to work! I'm going to have a good time!
Fred         You're lucky.. . . I'm going to rob a bank next week.
Tom          Why?
Fred          Because I'm happy in prison!