Bài 22: Applying for a job

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
apply xin (việc làm)
information thông tin
secondary school trường trung học
technical college trung cấp nghề
Middle East Trung Đông

Bài 1:

Interviewer     Come in ... come in. It's Mr Chandler, isn't it?
Mr Chandler   Yes, that's right. How do you do?
Interviewer      How do you do? Please take a seat.
Mr Chandler   Thank you very much.
Interviewer      Well, I've got your application form here. I just want to check the information ... is that all right?

MrChandler     Yes, of course.

Interviewer       Now, you're 31, aren't  you?

MrChandler      Yes, l am.
Interviewer        ... and you aren't married, are you?

MrChandler       No, I'm not.., not yet.

Interviewer        Uh, huh. You went to secondary school and technical college, didn't you?

MrChandler       Yes, I did.
Interviewer         ... but you didn't go to university, did you?

MrChandler       No, I didn't. I started work when I was 20.

Interviewer        I see. You can speak French and Russian, can't you?

MrChandler      Yes, I can... but not fluently. I speak French better than Russian.

Interviewer       ... but you can't speak Spanish, can you?

MrChandler      No, no, I can't.

Interviewer      You've been to France, haven't you?

MrChandler     Yes, I have ... and to Germany and Russia.

Interviewer      So I see . . . but you haven't been to the Middle East,have you?

MrChandler     No,I'm afraid I haven't. But I'd like too.

Interviewer:    Good