Bài 21: A day off work

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
import nhập khẩu
export xuất khẩu
sore throat đau họng
switch-on bật (đèn,tivi)
portable di động
cheering cổ vũ
booing la ó
exciting hồi hộp,náo nhiệt
score ghi bàn
suddenly thình lình,đột ngột
cameraman người quay phim
focus tập trung
crowd đám đông
disappear biến mất
close-up cận cảnh,gần cảnh

Bài 1:

Bill Walker works for an import-export company. Last Wednesday morning Bill rang his office at nine o'clock. His boss, MrThompson, answered the phone.
MrThompson    Hello, Thompson here...
Bill Hello.          This is Bill Walker.
MrThompson     Oh, hello, Bill.
Bill                      I'm afraid I can't come to work today, MrThompson.
MrThompson     Oh, what's the problem?
Bill                      I've got a very sore throat.
MrThompson     Yes, you sound ill on the phone.
Bill                      Yes, I'll stay in bed today, but I'll be able to come tomorrow. 
Mr Thompson    That's all right, Bill. Stay in bed until you feel well enough to work. 
Bill                      Thank you, MrThompson.... Goodbye. 
MrThompson      Goodbye, Bill.
Mr Thompson liked Bill very much. At 12.30 he got into his car, drove to a shop and bought some fruit for him. He went to Bill's flat and rang the doorbell. Bill's wife, Susan, answered the door.
Susan                 Oh, Mr Thompson! Hello ... how are you?
Mr Thompson    Fine, thanks, Susan. I've just come to see Bill.How is he? 
Susan                  He doesn't look very well. I wanted him to see the doctor. 
Mr Thompson    I'll go in and see him. ... Hello, Bill! 
Bill                      Oh .. . hello .. . hello, Mr Thompson . .. er ... er... 
Mr Thompson    I've brought some fruit for you, Bill. 
Bill                     Thank you very much, Mr Thompson. 
Mr Thompson    Well... I had to pass your house anyway.How's your throat? 
Bill                      It seems a little better. I'll be O.K. tomorrow. 
Mr Thompson    Well, don't come in until you feel better.  
Bill                      All right... but I'm sure I'll be able to come in tomorrow. 
Mr Thompson    Goodbye, Bill. 
Bill                      Goodbye, Mr Thompson.
At three o'clock in the afternoon, Mr Thompson locked his office door, and switched on his portable television. He wanted to watch an important international football match. It was England against Brazil. Both teams were playing well, but neither team could score a goal. The crowd were cheering and booing. It was very exciting.
Then at 3.20, England scored from a penalty. Mr Thompson jumped out of his chair. He was very excited. He was smiling happily when suddenly the cameraman focussed on the crowd. Mr Thompson's smile disappeared and he looked very angry. Bill Walker's face, in close-up, was there on the screen. He didn't look ill, and he didn't sound ill. He was smiling happily and cheering wildly!