Bài 20: Comparison

Bài 1:

Mr and Mrs Kent are old age pensioners. They go to the shops every Saturday. They have to walk up a very steep hill between their house and the shops. They both walk slowly. Mr Kent always has to wait for his wife at the top of the hill, because Mrs Kent walks more slowly than Mr Kent.
Diana and Margaret work in the same office. They're both good typists because they type carefully. Diana never makes a mistake and Margaret rarely makes a mistake. Diana types more carefully than Margaret.
Some drivers occasionally have accidents, but Alan and David are very careless drivers. Alan has already had two accidents this year, and David has had a lot. David drives even more carelessly than Alan.
Both Carlos and Miguel are good
students. They speak English well, but Miguel has spent a year in England, so speaks English better than Carlos.
Tyneside United and I lumber Ruveis. both near the bottom of the Fourth Division. The football season has near! finished, and Tyneside have won only one match. They've played very badly. Number Rovers haven't won a match yet and they haven't scored a goal. Humber have played even worse than Tyneside.

Tony and Jim work for a construction company. They've very hard worker. They work about 12 hours a day. Tom often works at weekend.He earns more money than Jim because he  works harder than Jim.