Bài 2: Telephoning

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
town /taun/ .n thị xã,thành phố
department /di'pɑ:tmənt/ .n cục,sở,ban,khoa
account /ə'kaunt/ .n kế toán
code /koud/ .n mã (vùng)
hold on // .v giữ máy

Streamline b

Thành ngữ - Ngữ pháp

Directory Enquiries

transferred charge call

you’re through.


Hold the line

speaking clock


Bài 1:

A  Directory Enquiries. Which town,please?

B   Oxford.
A   What name, please?

B   Oxford University Press. Walton Street.

A  That's Oxford 56767.

B   Thank you. Can you tell me the code for Oxford?

A    0865.

B  Thanks. Goodbye.


C    MacDonald and Company. . . .Can I help you?

D    I'd like to speak to Mr Walker, please.

C   Mr Walker? Which department is he in?

D    Accounts.

C   Hold on. . . trying to connect you . . .all right. . .you're through.


F   Number, please?
G  Oh, I'd like to make a transferred charge call.
F   Where to?
G  Stratford.
F   What number?
G  17414.
F   What's your name, please?
G  Joan Fitzgerald.
F   Can you spell that?
G  F-i-t-z-g-e-r-a-I-d.
I    . . .and where are you calling from?
G  01-992-6636.
F   Right. Hold the line, please.
H  Who are you telephoning?
I    Nobody.
H  Well, why are you holding the phone?
I    My watch has stopped.
H  I don't understand!
I    I'm phonning the 'speaking clock' . listen. . . (At the third stroke, it will be 8.52 and 30 seconds)