Bài 19: Can you help me?

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
practise /'præktis/ .v luyện tập, rèn luyện
practice /'præktis/ .n sự rèn luyện, thực tế

Bài 1:

Thomas is a student. He's staying with the Taylors, an English family.
Thomas   Hello, Mrs Taylor. Can you help me? I'm doing my homework and I can't understand this word.

Mrs   Taylor    Which one? Oh . . .that's difficult. I can't help you now . . . I'm watching something. . .

Thomas     Oh? What are you watching?

Mrs Taylor   I'm watching a cowboy film.
Thomas      Can Mr Taylor help me?

Mrs Taylor    No, he can't now, Thomas. He's reading.

Thomas       What's he reading?

Mrs Taylor    He's reading a magazine.

Thomas       What about Kate?

Mrs Taylor    Oh,she can't help you now. She is phoning someone.

Thomas       Oh.Who is she phoning?

Mrs Taylor     She's phoning her boyfriend. You're asking a lot of questions tonight,Thomas

Thomas       Am I?.....Well,I'm practising my English.