Bài 18: Cheques and credit

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
cheque séc
credit tiền gửi ngân hàng
cash lĩnh tiền mặt,trả tiền mặt
sign ký tên
rate tỉ giá
exchange sự đổi chác,sự trao đổi

Bài 1:

  Next, please.
B   I'd like to cash this cheque, please.
A   Yes, madam.. .£30. Oh! You haven't signed it yet, madam. 
B    Haven't I? Oh, I'm terribly sorry...here you are. 
A   Thank you. How would you like the money? 
B   Four fives and ten ones, please.
C   I'd like to change these francs, please.
D   Yes, sir. How many francs have you got?
C   200. What's the rate of exchange,please?
D  The current rates are on the notice board, sir.
E    I'd like to buy this . . . but I haven't got enough cash with me. Do you take travellers cheques?
F   Certainly, sir.
E   Good. How much is that?
F    It's DO.
E   What's the exchange rate?
   I'm not sure, sir... I'll go and check.
G   Good morning. Can I help you?
H   Yes. My name's Davies. I'm expecting some money from my bank in Toronto
  By post, cable, or telex, sir?
  By telex.
G   Let me see. Ah, yes. Davies. £200 from the Royal Bank of Canada,Toronto. Have you got any identification sir?
H  Well,I haven't got my passport,but I've got my driving license. Will that be all right?
G  Yes,sir. It will be all right