Bài 17: Everyday conversation

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
expensive /iks'pensiv/ .adj đắt
bill /bil:/ .n hoá đơn
luggage /'lʌgidʤ/ .n hành lý

Bài 1:

O   Can you show me some cameras, please?

P   Certainly, sir. . . this one's very good.

O   Yes, it is... . How much is it?

P    £85, sir.

O   Oh, dear. That's very expensive.

P    Hmm, I see . . . that one isn't expensive, sir.

O   What make is it?

P    It's a Kodak . . . it's £47.

O    Hmm . . . Can you show it to me, please?


Q    Oh, excuse me!
R    Yes, sir?
Q    Could you bring us some more tea, please?

R     Of course, sir.

Q     . . . and could you bring me the bill, please? I'm in a hurry.


S    Taxi!

T    Where to, madam?
S    Can you take me to the airport,please?

T    Certainly, madam. . . . Have you got any luggage? 

S    Yes. Can you get it for me? It's over there.

T     All right. . . . Ooh! It's very heavy.

S     Yes, it is . . . I'm very sorry.


U    Goodnight, Andrew.
V    Goodnight, Colin.
U    Have a good holiday!
V    Thanks.
U    Don't forget. . . send me a postcard!
V    O.K.. . .Oh, I haven't got your address.
U    That's O.K. You can send it to meet the office.
V    All right.Bye

U    Bye