Bài 17: Australia house

Từ Nghĩa tiếng việt Phát âm
opportunity cơ hội , thời cơ
electrician thợ điện
accommodation chỗ ở
hostel ký túc,nhà tập thể
immigrant dân nhập cư
qualification bằng cấp chứng nhận
emigrate di cư
Thành ngữ - Ngữ pháp

marriage bureau : văn phòng hôn nhân


Bài 1:

Interviewer  Now, Mr. Jones... why do you want to go to Australia? 
Mr jones     Well, I'm really thinking about my children. You see, there aren't many opportunities here. I lost my job last year and I haven't been able to find another one. Will I be able to find a job in Australia? 
Interviewer  What do you do? 
Mr jones      I'm an electrician. 
Interviewer  Oh, you'll be able to find a job easily. 
Mr jones      What about accommodation?Will I be able to find a house? 
Interviewer  Well, that is a problem..but there are hostels for new immigrants. 
Mr jones... and what about my children? 
Interviewer Oh, you'll be able to find a good school in Australia.
Interviewer  Come in! Take a seat... Mr Cook, isn't it? 
Mr Cook      That's right. 
Interviewer   Why do you want to go to Australia, Mr Cook? 
Mr Cook       I don't... I just want to leave England. 
Interviewer  Pardon? What qualifications have you got? 
Mr Cook       Qualifications? Oh, I've never been able to pass any exams. 
Interviewer   Well, what will you be able to do in Australia? How will you earn a living? 
Mr Cook       I don't know ... but I won't be able to work very hard . .. I've got a bad back!
Interviewer   Now, why do you want to emigrate to Australia, Mrs Baxter? 
Miss Baxter   Er... it's Miss Baxter... 
Interviewer   Oh, I'm very sorry... 
Miss Baxter That's all right.. . well, you see... I've never been able to find the right man in England ... 
Interviewer   Well, Miss Baxter... I can't promise anything . .. but there are a lot of men in Australia... 
Miss Baxter   Will I be able to find a tall,dark, handsome man there? 
Interviewer    Oh, Miss Baxter... this is Australia House... not a marriage bureau!