Bài 15: Army careers office

Bài 1:

Sergeant   Good morning. Are you the new cleaner?

Briggs       No. I'm not. I want to join the army.

Sgt.          What! You! In the army?

Briggs       Yes. I want to be a soldier. This is the Army Careers Office, isn't it?

Sgt.            Well... er... yes. Sit down ... sir.

Briggs        Thanks. Sgt. Now why do you want to be a soldier? Mr . .. Mr. .. Briggs Briggs . .. Tommy Briggs. Well, I saw the 'ad' on television last night and it looked nice . . . holidays . .. money... girls ... pension .. . travel.

Sgt.      I see. Yes, it's a good life in the army . . . it's a man's life.

Briggs   Ah!
Sgt.       Now, have you got any questions?

Briggs   Yes .. . will I have to get a haircut?

Sgt.       A haircut. Oh yes, you'll have to get a haircut.. . and wear a uniform.
Briggs   A uniform!
Sgt.       Oh yes. And you'll have to obey orders. But you won't have to clean the toilets, you know. I've never had to clean the toilets.

Briggs     What about the work? Will I have to work hard?

Sgt.        Oh yes. You'll have to work hard ...but all the girls like a man in uniform,
you know.

Briggs    And what about promotion?

Sgt.        Oh yes. There are a lot of opportunities. Perhaps you'll be a general one day.

Briggs     O.K. I'd like to join.

Sgt.         Yes, sir. Just sign your name here.

Briggs     There you are ... Tommy Briggs.

Sgt.           Briggs!

Briggs       Eh?

Sgt. Shut up. Stand up. Straight. Now, quick march. Left. . .right.. .left...right