Bài 13: It’s much to hot

Bài 1:

      In the station buffet
Michael Come on, Susan! Hurry up!
Drink your coffee! The train's leaving in a minute. We'll be late! 
Susan I can't finish it. It's much too hot for me to drink. 
Michael Why don't you put some milk in? 
Susan I don't like white coffee ... oh ...
Michael   There! Is it cool enough foryou
to drink now? 
Susan Yes. . . but it tastes awful!
                                             On the platform
Susan Oh! There's the train ... bring the cases. 
Michael Ooh! What have you got in these cases? 
Susan     Only clothes. Why? Are they heavy?
Michael  Yes, they are! 
Susan      The taxi driver managed to carry them.
Michael   Well, they're too heavy for me to carry. 
Susan       Well, I'm not strong enough to help you .......Porter!
                                              On the train
Susan     Oh, Michael... I didn't tell you.My sister phoned yesterday. 
Michael  Oh? Which sister? Andrea? 
Susan     Yes... she wants to get married. 
Michael Married! But she isn't old enough to get married. She's only seventeen. Who's she going to marry? 
Susan     Basil Caraway. 
Michael  Basil Caraway! I don't believe it! He's much too old for her. He's over sixty! 
Susan      I know ... but she loves him!
                                               At their destination
Susan        Oh, no! That was the last bus home! And we've missed it! 
Michael     Well, let's walk. . .it's a nice warm evening. Susan It's four miles! It's too far for me to
walk. Call a taxi! Michael A taxi! My name isn't Rockefeller! We aren't rich enough to travel everywhere by taxi. 
Susan     Michael! You've forgotten something! 
Michael  What? 
Susan      We've got three suitcases. Do you really want to walk? 
Michael O.K. . .. O.K... . Taxi!