Bài 12: A science fiction story

Bài 1:

The spaceship flew around the new planet several times. The planet was blue and green. They couldn't see the surface of the planet because there were too many white clouds. The spaceship descended slowly through the clouds and landed in the middle of a green forest. The two astronauts put on their space suits, opened the door, climbed carefully down the ladder, and stepped onto the planet.
The woman looked at a small control unit on her arm. 'It's all right,'she said to the man.'We can breathe the air. .. it's a m mixture of oxygen and nitrogen.' Both of them took off their helmets and breathed deeply.
They looked at everything carefully. All the plants and animals looked new and strange. They couldn't find any intelligent life.
After several hours, they returned to their spaceship. Everything looked normal. The man switched on the controls, but nothing happened.'Something's wrong,' he said. 'I don't understand . .. the engines aren't working.' He switched on the computer, but that didn't work either. 'Eve,' he said,'we're stuck here . . . we can't takeoff!'
'Don't worry, Adam,'she replied. 'They'll rescue us soon.'