Bài 11: Look,feel,taste,sound and smell

Bài 1:

A   I like your fur coat, Helen.
B   Do you?
A   Yes, it looks very expensive.
B   Really? It wasn't expensive ... it was second-hand.
A   Was it? It doesn't look second-hand, it looks brand-new.
C   Brrr! It feels cold in here.
D  Does it?
C   Yes .., is the radiator on?
D  Yes, it is. It'll feel warmer in a minute.
E   Waiter! These vegetables aren't fresh!
F   But they are fresh, sir.
E   Well, they don't taste fresh to me.
F   I'm sorry, sir . .. but...
E   And the wine ... it tastes sweet, and Iasked for dry!
F   I'll get the manager, sir.
H   Listen to my new hi-fi, John. Does it sound all right? 
G  Yes, it sounds fine to me. 
H  I think the bass is too loud. 
G  No, it sounds perfect... it sounds better than mine.
I    Have you changed your perfume?
J    Yes, why? Do you like it?
I    Yes, it smells terrific. What kind is i
J    It's 'Charlie'.
I    It smells expensive. Is it?
J    I don't know. It was a present.