Bài 10: Lord Worth

Bài 1:

Lord Worth   Come in!
Mary             Yes, sir?
Lord Worth    No, no Mary ... I don't want you! Mary Who do you want, sir? 
Lord Worth    I want James ... I want him immediately! 
Mary             Yes, sir... I'll go and find him.
Lord Worth    Ah, James!
James           Did you want to see me, sir?
Lord Worth    Yes, I wanted to see you twenty minutes ago. 
James            Sorry, sir. I was in the garage. 
Lord Worth     I want a car this afternoon. 
James           Which car do you want, sir? The Rolls, the Mercedes, or the Ferrari? 
Lord Worth    Mm..m ... the Rolls, I think. . .Yes, the Rolls.
James            Where do you want to go, sir? 
Lord Worth     Heathrow Airport.Terminal 2. 
James            What time, sir? 
Lord Worth     We'll leave here after lunch. . . at two o'clock.
Lord Worth    Ah, Charles!
Charles          Yes, sir.
Lord Worth    I want an early lunch today,Charles. 
Charles          Yes, sir... What time? 
Lord Worth    Twelve o'clock ... Oh, and I want you to reserve a table at the
Savoy... for seven o'clock. 
Charles          Yes, sir.
Lord Worth ... and I want Mary toprepare the guest room for SirThomas. I want her to make a specialeffort. Sir Thomas is a very importantguest. 
Charles          Yes, sir... anything else, sir? 
Lord Worth     No, Charles, that's all.